RAILBLAZA Vehicle Tie Downs

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RAILBLAZA Vehicle Tie Downs

Tired of worrying if your favorite kayak, SUP or surfboard is going to take a dive down the highway? With the Vehicle Tie Down straps you can finally transport in peace! You’ll never have to worry about your load slipping away with these 15′ x 1″ heavy duty tie downs. Made with long lasting rubber-coated aluminum cam-buckle and ultra tough, UV resistant polyester webbing – they’re built to handle the wildest trips while protecting your gear and vehicle at the same time. Stop stressing about car-top transportation and start shredding with these Tie Downs!

DON’T LET YOUR GEAR TAKE A BEATING – Transporting special cargo can be a hassle. But with C-Tug Tie Downs, your load is safe and sound. Durable, heavy duty tie downs keep your kayak, SUP or surfboard from budging an inch while you’re on the go.

STRENGTH THAT LASTS – The 15′ length ensures your kayak or board will be safely secured, while the 1″ width prevents any kind of slipping. Made with tough rubber-coated aluminum cambuckle and heavy duty UV resistant polyester webbing, these straps will hold up to anything you can throw at them.

PROTECTION THAT TRAVELS – Keep your car looking good as new! C-Tug Tie Downs are specially designed not to scratch or damage your vehicle in any way. So transport without fear and hit the open road for some fun!

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