Why Surtees

The Surtees Difference



However, with modern materials and technology, overlaid with new ideas, Surtees has enhanced time-honoured ways to develop what is arguably the safest, best performing range of fishing boats on the water.

We like to call this inventive streak Surtees IQ, or SiQ for short. SiQ ensures that Surtees stays well ahead of the pack by continuing to improve, fine-tune and innovate. Which begs the question, why would you settle for a boat with a lower IQ?


Typically, a non-pounding hull that rides smoothly through rough seas comes at the price of stability at rest. But thanks to the genius stabilising ballast technology that runs along the keel line, it’s not a problem.

As the boat comes to rest, the ballast tank fills and steadies the boat. It then drains as the boat starts to move forward and empties in less than 5 seconds. Simple. The result is maximum stability at rest, which provides more comfort for you and your crew and allows you to move around the cockpit safely.

In rough conditions the Surtees Shut Off Gate can be sealed to retain the ballast water, making the boat heavier, to give you a much smoother non-pounding ride and extra stability.

For every litre of water there is approximately 1kg of stability ballast in each Surtees boat. The ballast tank capacity varies according to the hull size, from 180 litres on a 495 up to 530 litres on a 750. So whichever Surtees model you get, that’s a lot of ballast making a huge difference to your boat stability.

Check out the short video to see exactly how it works.


Shut-off gate for additional stability underway

Anti-roll lock™ shut-off gate comes standard on all surtees boats. This unique feature invented by surtees can be used in three ways.

When at rest, with the gate open, the keel fills with water giving you maximum stability, providing more comfort for you and your crew and allows you to safely move around the cockpit.
In rough conditions the Anti-Roll Lock™ Shut-off Gate can be sealed to retain the ballast water, making the boat heavier, giving you a smoother non-pounding ride and extra stability underway
When beach launching the gate can be closed to keep water out. This provides more flotation enabling the boat to float higher with less draft. Perfect when travelling through shallow water. Another great innovation by Surtees that others can only copy!


Airtight flotation compartments incorporated in the Tough Deck™ hull design are two fully sealed safety buoyancy airtight flotation compartments providing reserve. 

These safety compartments run underneath the deck on both sides of the hull and are pressure tested giving you complete confidence.


Surtees boats have never compromised on structural hull integrity, they are simply built to last.

We are so confident of the quality that we offer a 10 year worldwide hull warranty on all of our boats!


Super smooth riding hull

All surtees boats feature the razortech™ super smooth riding hull, a uniquely designed non-pounding deep v hull. The benefit is a comfortable ride for all on board.

The super smooth ride is the result of a very fine-entry hull, variable from 15 to 20 degrees deadrise at the stern depending on the length of the hull, allowing you to cut effortlessly through choppy water. Even in the toughest conditions you’ll be able to hold your course with ease and without broaching and unpleasant pounding.

A deep v hull design would usually mean you have to trade off stability while the boat is at rest, but surtees have overcome this with their anti-roll™

Stabilising ballast technology to make sure you’ve not only got a great handling boat but also a stable and safe boat.


Super rigid hull construction

Surtees boats have one of the toughest hull designs in the world. They are non-flexing and made using only the highest marine grade alloy. The surtees design features six welded under-floor stringers that run the length of the hull, creating the tough deck™ system, which is renowned for its superior strength and durability.

Surtees are known for their high safety standards, so it’s no surprise that the tough deck™ system also features two large air chambers to provide safety flotation.


Trailer Catch System

All of the Surtees trailers some with our unique Quik-Hitch™ trailer catch system; this allows you to get your Surtees boat on and off by yourself- Single-handed!

There’s no winching involved and you don’t even have to get your feet wet. Too easy! Check out this video for a demonstration of this unique feature.

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