Surtees Ambassadors

Andrew Ettingshausen

The longest-running and most popular fishing show by a long cast. Escape with host, former Rugby League Legend “ET” Andrew Ettingshausen as he travels Australia and the Pacific, hunting out all types of species.

ET is currently filming the 22nd action-packed series of his highly successful fishing and adventure program “Escape Fishing with ET”. Series 22 is currently in Production and his action-packed program is telecast with great success. ET is backed by Surtees in his show, from Pro Fishers to Game Fishers, they’re all backed by ET.

Paul Burt

Step Outside with Paul Burt is a show that quite simply is for everyone wanting to “Step Outside” and learn where to go and what to do when they get there around the country. Burty has recently received his Surtees Boat from Northside Marine. “I needed a boat that would be the ultimate fishing machine on the water, a boat that could be towed yet handle the wildest of oceans and still one that I could safely take my family away for an adventure and Surtees is the one for us.” Paul Burt “Burty”

Scott Parry & Mig Rumney

The concept for Fishing & Adventure was developed by cousins Scott Parry and Michael (Mig) Rumney back in 2011 whilst fishing out from Raglan one day after work. Fishing & Adventure combines top-class fishing with a down-to-earth grassroots attitude that resonates with viewers of all demographics. It’s the perfect balance between entertainment and education.
Fishing & Adventure is proudly backed by Surtees, and the boys are proud to fish off a Surtees boat!

“Our Surtees 750 Game Fisher is the ultimate fish catching weapon and is perfectly set up for all forms of fishing here in NZ. Having the comfort and confidence to venture further and wider has meant we have been able to get onto some of our most impressive catches to date and this is undoubtedly the perfect trailer boat.” Scott Parry

Ben Brown 

Built to Fish TV with Ben Brown brings you regular, high-quality Fishing and Boating content from our adventures around New Zealand’s stunning coastline.

“From wide-raging offshore expeditions to inshore family cruises my Surtees 750 Game Fisher has proven itself to be the ultimate combination of reliability, comfort, and style. When I’m heading through West Coast bars I need to be able to trust my boat, my safety and the safety of my crew depends on it. My 750 Game Fisher has never let me down, the deep V design of the Surtees hull makes for industry-leading comfort whilst under power, and the patented flooding ballast system assures comfort for everyone on board whilst at rest. The attention to detail that the Surtees design team pays to its builds means that no space is wasted and the 750 truly is ‘Built to Fish’, whilst still maintaining features that lend themselves to overnighting and more family-orientated boating adventures. I love my 750 Game Fisher!” Ben Brown