This is a special few months for Northside Marine and all dealerships throughout Australia, as the next month is the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. Attracting over 45,000 marine enthusiasts each year, it’s an event that looks set to live up to its reputation as the Southern Hemisphere’s premier marine event once again. With over 300 exhibitors and 600 boats on display, you’ll be treated to best-in-class superyachts, fishing boats, trailers, watercraft and marine tech, and much more.


This year Northside Marine has all your favourites plus more!


New Merry Fisher 795 Sports

Merry Fisher 605

Merry Fisher 695

Merry Fisher 795

Merry Fisher 895

Merry Fisher 1095


1450 Frontier

1850 Fisher

2250 Ultracab WT

2400 Supercab


New 800 Game Fisher

610 Workmate

650 Game Fisher

700 Game Fisher