Yamaha has once again taken marine technology to the next level, with the industry-first and game changing Yamaha Helm Master® EX boat control system.

Helm Master® EX is a fully integrated boat control system that makes navigating and getting to your destination easier, and once you arrive, gives a whole new level of control to precisely manoeuvre your craft to exactly where and how you want it.

Never before has a single outboard engine been paired with a joystick control, delivering exceptional versatility and innovation. When it comes to twin, triple and quad engine applications, the new Helm Master® EX excels even further, with seamlessly integrated multi engine control.

No longer do you have to install multiple third-party devices such as steering and control systems, autopilot navigation and additional heavy batteries – nor the hassles that come with complex integration systems. With Yamaha’s Helm Master® EX, you get all of the benefits of these systems and more, in a simple, clean and fully integrated, plug-and-play system.

And because every component has been designed, engineered and manufactured by Yamaha, it works seamlessly together to deliver the ultimate in reliability, durability and performance.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned expert, Helm Master® EX guarantees to make your fishing and boating experience easier, more enjoyable and productive.

By delivering effortless control over your boat, you get to spend more time on the spots where the fish are biting and less time setting up, anchoring or trying to fine tune your boat position.

Helm Master® EX – turning every fisherman into an expert.



Single Engine & Multi Engine Fishpoint® works to maintain the boat’s position. Simply identify your chosen fishing location and hit the FishPoint® button. Helm Master® EX then takes over using minimal engine RPM and the electric steering to hold your position. The vessel can move in 1.5, 3, or 6 metre increments (preset in the gauge) with a bump of the joystick forward, reverse or to either side. FishPoint® is perfect for stationary fishing directly below the boat.

Single & Multi Engine DriftPoint® allows you to keep your bow pointed in a set direction while allowing you to naturally drift via the prevailing current and/or wind. One twist of the joystick moves your boat’s heading angle by 1 degree, while a twist and hold moves it by 5 degrees, with additional twists up to 50 degrees. DriftPoint® is great for drift-fishing a wreck, reef or for watching sunset from the stern.

Single & Multi Engine DriftPoint® Track allows you to maintain your bow heading, while drifting along a set track (route) of waypoints that you have plotted using your compatible Multifunction Display. The boat will drift and use forward and reverse thrust to follow the predetermined route. This is handy when trying to follow a same depth contour or for keeping a certain distance from shore or underwater objects like reefs anf wrecks.

Multi Engines configuration only StayPoint® works to maintain your boat’s heading and position. It is ideal for quickly locking your boat in position while waiting to dock or refuel. The vessel can move in 1.5, 3 or 6 metre increments (preset in the gauge) with a bump of the joystick forward, reverse or to either side. One twist of the joystick will move your boat’s bow heading angle by 1 degree, while a twist and hold will move it by 5 degrees, with additional twists up to 50 degrees.

Single Engine & Multi Engine Another innovative feature of the Helm Master® EX system is the integration of Yamaha’s all-new Autopilot system – making getting you to your off-shore destination easier, more direct and efficient. With the simple push of a button or a few taps on your compatible Multi function Display, you can quickly plot out your journey, sit back and let the Helm Master® EX Autopilot and Digital Electric Steering do their thing.


Helm Master® EX allows you to customise your boating control set-up to suit your personal preferences, budget and boating needs.

The system consists of four primary application levels and has been designed to be fully expandable and customisable to suit your needs. This means you can install the complete Helm Master® EX system, or start with the Digital Electronic Controls and Digital Electric Steering, and add additional components over time, allowing you to reap the benefits that come with each component upgrade.

As the whole system has been designed and manufactured by Yamaha, using a plug-and-play approach, each component is easy and quick to install and comes with none of the inherit problems that occur when trying to integrate complex third-party electronic devices from different manufacturers.

Helm Master® EX is available across all current Yamaha Digital Electronic Control outboards from F150 to XTO425 and can be installed in single, double, triple and quad outboard applications.

Level 1 of the Helm Master EX System incorporates the completely new, upgraded Digital Electronic Control (DEC) and CL5 touchscreen display. There is also the option of the electronic key switch and keyless remote.

Completely redesigned with greater ergonomic comfort and new capabilities, including: Speed Control (push-button up or down), Pattern Shift (for slower than idle trolling), Neutral Hold (for engine warm up or additional charge for batteries), Station Selector (for selector more than one helm) and Engine Trim.

In addition to all the features on the single handle electronic control, the twin handle control also provides: Single Lever control (for controlling multiple engines with one lever), Centre Engine select (for selecting the centre engine only on triple and quad outboard set-ups) and the ability to Trim all or each individual engine separately.

The all-new, low profile Yamaha Command Link CL5 touchscreen display is small in size but big on information, features and capability. Its sophisticated, modern design features intuitive operation and matches the latest boat console trends, while its compact size leaves more room on the console for other electronics. The CL5 is suitable for all of Yamaha’s Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI) engines and can monitor up to four outboards. It is also the control centre for all of the Helm Master EX functions including Autopilot, SetPoint, and other adjustments

The all-new back-lit engine Start and Stop switch panels offer a slim, space-saving, push button design and modern look. These new panels take up very little space, allowing more room for other electronic equipment. The panels come in single, twin, triple and quad formats.

The buoyant wireless keyless remote (push button) allows for keyless start/stop push-button ignition. It also serves as the on/off device for Yamaha’s Y-COP® anti-theft system. It allows for one-touch starting while at the helm and can unlock/lock ignition from up to five metres away. The keyless remote floats and is water resistant for up to five minutes. Two keyless remotes are provided with each all=new Helm Master® EX Electronic Key Switch panel (not available with other Yamaha switch panels).

Level 2 of the Helm Master EX system sees the addition of Yamaha’s all-new plug-and-play bolt-on Digital Electric Steering (DES). This system takes marine steering to the next level, with extreme smoothness, technical smarts and precision.

Yamaha’s digital electronic steering system is smoother, faster and has zero lag time- unlike hydraulic and cable steering systems- delivering an overall more enjoyable piloting experience.

You can set the lock-to-lock wheel rotation to constantly deliver finer control at high speeds and more responsive control at low speeds.

You can adjust the steering friction for a heavier or lighter feel to suit your personal preference and the prevailing conditions. In addition, the system also automatically adjusts the friction based on the outboards RPM, ensuring improved control at all speeds.

Digital steering only uses current when in operation (on demand), which means it is not constantly drawing amps like conventional power steering pumps. This gives you more net battery power to run other electronic devices.

Unlike hydraulic steering systems, there are no pumps, valves or hoses, freeing up space in the bilge area at the back of the boat and upfront under the console.

This plug-and-play bolt-on system is easy and quick to install, saving on installation time and costs. There is no need to install pumps, valves and hoses, nor the ongoing maintenance costs that come with other steering systems.

Level 3 of the Helm Master EX system introduces Yamaha’s all-new Autopilot. This system provides a number of built-in single touch functions that makes navigating and getting to your destination easier and quicker.

The system includes a slimline eight-button panel which goes on the console, a heading sensor which sits under the console and an antenna above the boat.

With a push of a button, Heading Hold allows you to automatically maintain a set compass heading (e.g. due North), while allowing your boat to drift with the prevailing currents and wind.

With a push of a button, Course Hold allows you to keep your bouse, with the system automatically adjusting the boat back on the course if it is impacted by current and/or wind. This is handy if you’re aimint to travel the shortest route to a specific location.

Track Point allows you to pilot your boat automatically along a set of waypoints that you have plotted into your compatible Multifunction Display (MFD). This is handy for following set depth contours, channels markers, navigation beacons, a shoreline or other structures.

Provides automatic deceleration when approaching the set destination. You can also choose to engage one of the SetPoint functions automatically (available with the Joystick System) as you return the throttle to the neutral position. This function is only available through a compatible Multi function Display (MFD).

Another feature of the Autopilot is Pattern Steer, which allows you to select one of two pre-set adjustable steering patterns (zigzag or expanding circle), without having to set waypoints on a Multifuction Display (MFD). You can engage Speed Adjust and Pattern Shift (very slow trolling) while in Pattern Steer mode.

Autopilot seamlessly integrates with Speed Control, Trim Assist the joystick and other Helm Master EX functions.

Level 4 is the premium level of the Helm Master EX® system, with the addition of Yamaha’s full manoeuvrability joystick control system.

This stylish and ergonomic controller provides simultaneous control over shift, throttle and steering, in one easy-to-use joystick application. It can also be used in conjunction with many of the built-in Helm Master® EX SetPoint® positioning modes (FishPoint®, DriftPoint®, DirftPoint® Track and StayPoint®), for maximum control over your vessels positioning.

While in Joystick, FishPoint® or DriftPoint® modes, you can increase or decrease the maximum thrust level available to the system, to suit the prevailing conditions. You can also adjust the joystick steering sensitivity when Autopilot is active. When using StayPoint® the thrust level is selected automatically.

You can adjust the speed up or down, by RPM or by GPS speed over ground (operator-selected via display), in preset increments, by pushing the joystick forward (increase speed) or backward (reduce speed). This feature is available during normal operation and when using Autopilot, by activating the Speed Control on the Digital Electronic Control.

While using the Heading Hold feature in Autopilot, you can adjust the heading by twisting the joystick handle once for a one-degree adjustment or twist and hold the joystick until it beeps, for a five-degree adjustment. You can continue this up to 50 degrees, by twisting and holding the joystick repeatedly.

While using the Course Hold feature in Autopilot, you can adjust your course heading by rotating same as Heading Adjust, or offset course parallel by moving the joystick sideways (3 metre, 6 metre, 15 metre intervals as pre-selected by operator through display).

The joystick delivers precise low speed control when approaching a dock. Launching and retrieving off a trailer or coming up to a beacon, wreck or other physical structure. You can also control your vessel with the joystick while in FishPoint®. DriftPoint® Track and StayPoint® modes.

Simply push the joystick to move forward. pull the joystick to reverse and twist the joystick to turn.

Simply push the joystick to move forward. pull the joystick to reverse and twist the joystick to turn. With twin, triple and quad outboard applications, you also have the ability to move the joystick from side-to-side for even greater control over your vessel.

The operator can select what the Autopilot does on approach to the final waypoint: Alert the skipper to the arrival at the waypoint; automatically decelerate. Alert the operator to move the control handle to neutral. the boat will then enter the pre-selected SetPoint® mode (i.e. FishPoint®, DriftPoint® or StayPoint®); or automatically decelerate, alert the skipper to arrival at the waypoint and await further skipper input.