Remembering Keith Nickerson

Northside Marine’s Founder Keith Nickerson sadly passed away on the 18th of November 2021 after a valiant fight with cancer. He was a loving husband, father, and grandfather. Keith was a passionate boatie with a love for both power and sail vessels. Keith founded Northside Marine in 1965, and the dealership remains under Nickerson Family control. Always a hard worker, Keith always remained in the loop with Northside Marine once his son Greg took over. Keith could still be found towing boats, helping out, and keeping the staff in line up until recently.

The Nickerson Family welcomes you to view Keith’s live stream service via the details below. The service will begin at 2:25 pm, 24/11/2021. Please feel free to leave kind words for the family via the comments section.

Please also note that Northside Marine will be closed from 1:30 pm, 24/11/2021, and will reopen 25/11/21 08:30 am.

keith 2

Password: keith0301