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Heard about the new Lowrance​ HDS Live ? We are super excited for it, So much so, we thought might give you our thoughts on the new product and the option to secure one first by Pre-Ordering !

Things we like..

Live Sonar C-Map Genesis Charting – I’m sure most of you have all heard of Insight Genesis or C-Map Genesis Before. right? Well if you have been living out of Lowrance World the last 3-4 years, basically what is does is turns your sonar readings and saves them onto an SD card, allowing you to upload the information online and create your very own charts ( which are by far the most accurate and detailed around) . Well, what C-map Genesis Live does is creates your own maps from your sonar and displays it live in real time. It also saves data internally to your unit, so no need to wait until you get home to start making magic.

Smartphone integration – Maybe not for everyone, but the option to Bluetooth your phone to your new HDS live, which allows you to view, reply and create text messages while your phone is stored away.

Quad Core Processors – Yes that’s right! From Dual to Quad, the fastest just got faster!

LiveSight View – This gives you the option with an additional transducer to view your sonar in real time. Can see this being awesome for those serious lure fisherman who fish structure regularly with electric motors.

Active Imaging 3-1 transducer – This will replace the Totalscreen transducer and give you higher detail imaging like that of the 3D Module on Structure Scan at a very attractive price point.

If you would like to Pre-Order, there will only be limited stock for the first shipment, so get in fast!