2250 Ultracab WT (Walk Through)


The Stabicraft 2250 Ultracab WT (Walk-Through) is the most internationally awarded boat in Stabicraft history

Stabicraft engineers were given a new brief. Design a Walk-Thru version based on the proven 2250 hull. The result… an international design award and exceptional demand. The Stabicraft 2250 Ultracab WT (Walk-Through) is the ultimate beast for hard-core adventurers with proven rough-water performance, strength, and stability.

Boat Details

Length 6.9m
Max Persons 8
Recommended HP 200hp
Maximum HP 300hp
Maximum Engine Weight 575kg
Leg Length 25”/ 30”/ 25”
Fuel Tank 378L
External Beam 2.55m
Internal Beam 1.97m
Deadrise 17°
Tube Thickness 4mm
Hull Thickness 6mm
Dry Hull Weight (approx) 2000kg
Tow Weight (approx) 2800kg
Length on Trailer 8.4m
Boat Height (approx) 2.58m
Total Sealed Volume (approx) 2051L
Australian Builders Plate
  • LED Navigation Lights
  • 5mm Windscreen
  • Portside 5mm Toughened Glass Sides/Shoulders
  • Starboard 5mm Toughened Glass Sides/Shoulders
  • Flex roof only
  • Walkthrough Bow Deck Access Door with
  • Steps
  • Red/White Dome Cabin Light
  • Dual USB Ports x 2 & 12V Plugs x 2
  • 6 Way Dash Switch Panels x 2
  • Starboard Cabin Sliding Window
  • Portside Cabin Sliding Window
  • Twin Windscreen Wiper
  • Multi-holders inside Cabin x 2
  • Soft Touch Gussi Steering Wheel
  • Sea Star Steering – Hydraulic
  • Pre-cut for 4 Speakers + Cover Plates
  • Port & Starboard Hella Seahawk Deck Lights
  • PRT & STB PWC Spica Pearl Cabin Troop Fold down Seats with Stabicraft® Squab x 3
  • Elite Bolster Seating
  • Gamechaser™ Transom (25” Twin / 30” Single) Multi Tri-Mount MAX 300HP
  • Trim Tab Mounts
  • PWC Black Fold-down Seat on Both Sides of the Transom
  • Starboard Rear 2-Step Boarding Ladder with Pontoon Handrail
  • Bluesea Battery Dual Switch
  • Bilge Pump Johnson Ultima 1250GPH
  • Underfloor 378L (100gal) EPA Fuel Tank
  • Towing Eye
  • 4mm Tread Plate Floor
  • Stabi® Cleats x 6
  • SARCA Aluminium Fairlead Fitted
  • Bow Rails
  • 4x SS Rod-holders + 4x Multi-holders Fitted
  • Wing Style Coamings
  • Deck Grip for Coamings Fitted
  • Stabicraft® Graphics Package
  • PWC Interior Components in Spica Pearl
  • PWC Cabin in Spica Pearl
  • Self Bailing Raised Foredeck
  • Bow Anchor Locker
  • Bow Storage Box
  • 11 Roof Rod-holders
  • Downrigger Provision on Rear Coamings
  • Hull Planing Strakes


  • Hydraulic Steering – NOT Fitted or Supplied
  • Fusion – Apollo 770 Head Unit w 4 Speakers
  • Planar Diesel Heater 4kw
  • Rear Wall w Central Locking Door (Remove Drop Curtain)
  • Rear Wall & 2nd Helm w Central Locking Door (Remove Drop Curtain)


  • Strb Plinth Box w Storage (No Sleeper Boxes)
  • Port Seat Plinth Box w Storage (No Sleeper Boxes)
  • STB & PORT Seat Boxes w Storage w Rear Storage Sleeper Boxes w STB Porta Potti
  • STB & PORT Airwave on Seat Boxes w Rear Storage Sleeper Boxes w STB Porta Potti


  • Live Bait Tank in 3/4 Fish Bin
  • PRT Rear Boarding Ladder w Pontoon Alloy Boarding Handrail  & STB Aux Bracket
  • Single Transom Underwater Light
  • Lenco Trim Tabs – 4×12 Auto Retract & LED Indicators


  • Closed Cell Baffling
  • Keel Wear Strip
  • Weld On Boat Catch Block (Above Towing Eye)
  • U-Dek Flooring & Coamings (2.50m Beam)
  • Maxwell Tasman 8 Drum Winch w Rope, Chain & Sarca #3 Anchor
  • Bow 3-Step Boarding Ladder Strb


  • S1 – Belting Up Metallic w Coaming Fendering
  • S2-Belting Up & Ext Pontoon Gloss w Coaming & Fendering
  • S2-Belting Up & Ext Pontoon Met. w Coaming & Fendering
  • S3-Full inc Trans, Int Deck & Ext. Pont Gloss w Coaming & Fendering
  • S3-Full inc Trans, Int Deck & Ext. Pont Met. w Coaming & Fendering


  • Paint – Boarding Ladder Handrail
  • Paint – Bow Rails
  • Demo Graphics


  • Simrad 12″, VHF & Active 3n1 Starter Package
  • Simrad 12″, VHF & 1kw Starter Package
  • Simrad 12″, VHF & 1kw Chirp Starter Package
  • Simrad 12″ Fishing Pack
  • Simrad 12″ Game Fishing Pack
  • Simrad 16″ Upgrade
  • Active 3n1 Transducer Add to Chirp Package
  • VHF RS40 Upgrade w DSC & AIS Receive & 2nd Ant & Base
  • VHF RS40-B Upgrade & GPS 500 & 2nd Antenna & Base
  • Simrad Radar Halo 24″ Upgrade
  • DDSM – Graphical Digital Switching Upgrade
  • Ethernet Hub & Cable
  • Simrad Halo 20″ Radar
  • Simrad Halo 24″ Radar
  • Auto Pilot AP44 VRF
  • DDS-1 Side Bar Digital Switching
  • DDSM – Graphical Digital Switching
  • Simrad 9″ Display w Ethernet Hub & Cable for 2nd Helm

YAMAHA F225 UCB Engine

Next generation features, next generation styling, original reliability.

Yamaha’s all-new, V6 Offshore series takes the proven 4.2 litre engine platform to the next level by incorporating technological advancements previously only seen on Yamaha’s flagship V8 425hp XTO.

The new F225 not only looks good with it’s more aggressive styling, but comes with Yamaha’s Thrust Enhancing Reverse Exhaust system, which delivers increased prop grip and thrust for improved maneuvering in docking situations and reversing up to your next big catch.

Another cool feature is the new Total TiltTM system which allows the outboard to fully tilt up and down from any position, with a simple double push of the Up or Down Tilt buttons. This not only makes operation easier, but the new mounting bracket system allows the engine to sit higher out of the water when not in use, for improved long-term durability and protection.

When combined with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX control system, the new V6 Offshore 225 delivers a boating and fishing experience unlike any else on the water.

REDCO TA700T-EH Trailer


  • Heavy Duty Alloy I-Beam Construction w/316 Stainless Steel fasteners – no welds to crack
  • Heavy Duty Black Plastic Guards
  • Quality Redco Winch And ARK Jockey Wheel
  • Full LED Submersible Lighting
  • Adjustable Keel Rollers and Teflon Skids
  • Self-Centring Keel Guides To Drive On And Off
  • Predator Black And Silver Alloy Wheels

Why Stabicraft

Stability under power, or at rest

Your family and friends will be safe with the unequalled stability provided by Stabicraft’s airtight chambered hull design, either while under power or at rest.

Stabicraft’s chambered design allows occupants to move freely about the deck, even all on one side. Few other boats on the market can match Stabicraft’s positive buoyancy and design safety.

Even if a chamber is pierced, the separate water-tight chambers limit the damage, making a Stabicraft vessel virtually unsinkable.

Legendary toughness and durability

Apart from aiding buoyancy, Stabicraft’s life-ring chambers with internal hull bracing provide longitudinal rigidity to the boat.

The unique design of the life-ring affords more cockpit space than most other similarly styled boats.

What gives greater confidence are things not easily seen. For example, the entire hull is meticulously welded and finished to a standard that is without peer in the aluminium boat building industry.

Positivity bouyancy by design

Some boats float better than others. That’s design.

Advanced metal extrusion technology is used to create continuous sealed chambers that provide a life-ring on the upper-outer extremities of the boat. Each vessel’s life-ring contains at least three air-tight chambers.

The stepped molding of our slim-lined air-tight chambers, once attached to the hull, create a cushion of air that allows the boat to plane over rough water. With the addition of an air-tight chamber between the floor and hull these boats become virtually unsinkable.

Superior rough water handling

When travelling at speed, Stabicraft hulls create a cushion of water under each life-ring chamber, thus softening the ride for your family.

Observe a Stabicraft at speed compared to most other boats and you will immediately become aware of how little spray rises above the gunwales because it is deflected and trapped by the hull design. This contributes to passenger comfort and dryness of ride.

Build your Stabi

Immerse yourself in our new interactive 3D builder and create your dream Stabicraft.

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