Hatch Wedge that provides support for your boat or yacht window hatches to remain open without falling down.

Being regular boaties, the team here at RAILBLAZA would get consistently frustrated when the friction hinges stopped holding our boat hatches up. Because of this, the Hatch Wedge was born.

The Hatch Wedge can be used in multiple positions to hold your marine window hatches open at four different heights. This will allow you to keep your boat or yacht well ventilated through the warm summer months without having to worry about your hatches falling down or slamming shut on unsuspecting fingers. The Hatch Wedge also comes with a tether point so that it can be attached to the access hatch to avoid loss.

The Hatch Wedge has been made with a pattern of ridges and recesses that will support most brands of hatch including, Lewmar, Goiot, Moonlight, Vetus, Bomar, Gebo and Maxwell. The Hatch Wedge will also hold your hatch open at four different height levels. Simply manoeuvre your wedge to obtain gaps of 25, 50, 75, and 125mm (1, 2, 3, and 5”).

5 Year Warranty
RAILBLAZA Part Number:
09-0006-11 – Hatch Wedge Pair Black
What You Get
2 x RAILBLAZA Hatch Wedge

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