Experience the peak of Malibu design with the 22LSV, 23LSV and Response TXi On-Water day!

The 22 LSV™ offers the most space in a perfectly sized package. The 22-foot length allows for easy towing and garage storage with all the accolades the LSV family offers. It has luxurious seating for 14 in a beautiful traditional-bow design with easy access to the spacious front lounge area. New advances in the 22 LSV include a fresh interior featuring a redesigned helm seat and an additional Malibu Wake View Bench Seat™ to provide plenty of seating options for a full day on the water. The 22 LSV’s Quad Hard-Tank™ Ballast is now loaded with Max Ballast L-shaped rear ballast tanks, enabling even more wake and wave displacement. 

Save the date! 19/01/2020. Location: Somerset Dam