Malibu tests secret engine in Australia's toughest proving ground
Australia’s hardest-working ski club has given its tick of approval to a new-generation 5.3-litre V8 that will power future Malibu products
It’s one of Australia’s best-kept secrets. Few people know that Malibu is breaking in a new 5.3-litre V8 engine that will power future generations of its Australian-made boats.

To test it, the Albury-based boatmaker handed one of the V8s over to what it believes has Australia's harshest test environment: Myuna Bay Waterski Club.

“When we got an engine out here we said ‘Right, what we want to do is try and break this thing, and put it through the harshest environment we’ve got’,” Malibu Boats Australia driveline engineer Chris Maney said.

“Over all the years I’ve worked here we’ve had one particular spot in Australia where we’ve found the worst environment, so Myuna Bay Waterski Club, we do a lot of work with them.

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“Year after year we’ve had failures, and they’ll be the only customer we get year after year, another set of exhaust manifolds, stainless steel, bang, bang … so we said ‘Let’s put this thing in there’.

“So we’ve been running it at around about six months now, and they love it. We didn’t tell them what size the engine was when they received it, they wanted to know and we just said ‘Don’t worry, just take it, try it’, and that’s actually our 5.3-litre, so we’ve gone from using a 5.7-litre to a General Motors-sourced 5.3," Maney said.

Myuna Bay Waterski Club
“The thing makes more power than the old 5.7 with its sequentially injected engine, and less fuel, so that thing’s a little ripper.”

The Myuna Bay Waterski Club’s response? “They loved it,” said Maney. “They couldn’t believe how quiet it was … they said they couldn’t even hear the engine run.”



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