2018 Easter Trading Hours

Happy Easter! Whether you celebrate it, or just enjoy a chocolate or two 

Be aware that our trading hours vary slightly for easter;

29/03/18 (Thursday): Normal Hours
30/03/18 (Good Friday): CLOSED
31/03/18 (Easter Saturday): 8.30am to 2pm
01/04/18 (Easter Sunday): CLOSED
02/04/18 (Easter Monday): CLOSED
03/04/18 (Tuesday): Resume Normal Hours.

Malibu Build-A-Boat

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2018 Easter Bargain Boat Bits Catalogue

Check out the great deals from the Bargain Boat Bits Store Catalogue! 

Superb Yamaha Outboard Specials

Northside Marine's - Superb Yamaha Outboard Specials

Check out some of our superb Yamaha outboard motor specials, these are priced exceptionally well and we doubt will last long. So for further information contact Rod our Yamaha Outboard Motor Specialist on 07 3265 8044, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to secure one of these engines. We are based in Brisbane, Queensland, and cannot sell outboards not pre-delivered - so unfortunately no shipping in boxes is available.

These are only available while stocks last, so be sure to check back daily for the updated specials list.

Yamaha Two Stroke Outboard Motors on Sale

Yamaha 4CMHS 4hp 2-Stroke Short Shaft Tiller Steer Motor and Prop $1499 $1,409 1 Left
Yamaha 15FMHS 15hp 2-Stroke Short Shaft Tiller Steer Motor, Alloy Prop, 24L Fuel Tank and Fuel Line $2595 $2,295
1 Left
Yamaha 30HMHL 30hp CV 2-Stroke Long Shaft Tiller Steer Motor, Alloy Prop, 24L Fuel Tank and Fuel Line $3500 $3,199 1 Left 

Yamaha Four Stroke Outboard Motors on Sale

Yamaha F2.5SMHB 2.5hp 4-Stroke Short Shaft Tiller Steer (formerly F2.5BMHS) Motor and Alloy Prop $1149 $1,111 In stock
Yamaha F4SMHA 4hp 4-Stroke Short Shaft Tiller Steer (formerly F4BMHS) Motor and Alloy Prop $1649 $1,530 In stock
Yamaha F5SMHA 5hp 4-Stroke Short Shaft Tiller Steer (formerly F5AMHS) Motor and Alloy Prop $1799 $1,644 In stock
Yamaha F6SMHA 6hp 4-Stroke Short Shaft Tiller Steer (formerly F6CMHS) Motor and Alloy Prop $1999 $1,769 In stock
Yamaha F8SMHB 8hp 4-Stroke Short Shaft Tiller Steer (formerly F8FMHS) Motor, Alloy Prop, 12L Fuel Tank and Fuel Line $2979 $2,609 In stock
Yamaha F15SMHA 15hp 4-Stroke Short Shaft Tiller Steer Motor, Alloy Prop, 12L Fuel Tank and Fuel Line $3899 $3,344 In Stock
Yamaha F15SEHA 15hp 4-Stroke Short Shaft Electric Start Tiller Steer Motor, Alloy Prop, 12L Fuel Tank and Fuel Line $4199 $3,624 In Stock
Yamaha F50LB 60hp 4-Stroke Long Shaft Remote Control Motor Only (no prop, cables, gauges) $8,299 $6,879  In Stock
Yamaha F60LB 60hp 4-Stroke Long Shaft Remote Control Motor Only (no prop, cables, gauges) $8,699 $6,999 In Stock
Yamaha F70LA 70hp 4-Stroke Long Shaft Remote Control Motor Only (no prop, cables, gauges) $10,299 $8,299 In Stock

*Please see inclusions for what is included in the price of the outboard, if fitting and additional equipment is required please contact us to work out a package to suit your needs. We are a dealer for Yamaha Outboard Motors For Sale Brisbane.
* New Years Resolution Sale available until 31/03/2018, Offer only available for 4-stroke engines 2.5-70hp

Northside Marine - Outboard Motors and Boat Engines for Sale in Australia.

2017 Surtees Australian Dealer of the Year


We are pretty excited to say over the weekend we had a visit from Surtees Boats, and they informed us that we have taken out the 2017 Surtees Australian Dealer of the Year!

Thanks to all our awesome clients as we wouldn't have been able to accomplish such a great achievement without you!

Surtees Boats are made in New Zealand and are one of the most awarded deep-V quality aluminium fishing & trailer boat on the market. For further information on the Surtees range contact Bill on 0732658029 or pop in-store, we are happy to help.

Northside Marine - The Hub of Surtees Boats in Queensland.

Yamaha Outboard Technician Grand Prix - Congrats Graham

We would like to congratulate Graham one of our Senior Service Advisors in our Service Department. Graham ranked as one of the top performers in the Yamaha Marine Oceania Technician Grand Prix held recently.

He was one of eight finalists throughout Australia and New Zealand selected to compete in a days contest working on Yamaha Outboard Motors. Graham did not take the honours this time around as the competition was very high (congrats to Tony Powell of Telfer Marine in Rotorua New Zealand on this fantastic achievement), though we are very stoked to have one of the elite Yamaha Outboard Technicians in Oceania on our team.

The Yamaha Marine Technician Grand Prix, which took place on the 16th of November 2016, is a technical knowledge and skills based contest, held at Yamaha’s National Marine Training facility in Brisbane. The event brings together the very best Yamaha Marine Technicians from Yamaha dealerships all over Australia and New Zealand. These exceptionally skilled technicians represent their dealership, state, and country, in their quest to be crowned the most outstanding marine technician in the Trans-Tasman region.

The competition, held biennially, is a major highlight for the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA), who pride themselves on the skills Yamaha technicians develop through the extensive training the academy delivers. YTA’s mission is to keep Yamaha’s Marine Technicians up to date with the cutting edge skills and knowledge required to support the ever developing range of Yamaha outboard engines.

After all potential candidates have completed the online qualifying assessment, eight finalists from regions across Australia and New Zealand are selected to compete in the official event. The event breeds ambition and healthy competition within Yamaha workshops, as technicians aspire to be selected to attend the Grand Prix which is essentially race day in Yamaha`s Technical Academy program. The event keeps skill levels for marine servicing in Yamaha dealerships throughout Australia and New Zealand at very high levels.

The personal development of Yamaha technicians in the market through this training and testing equates to excellence in aftersales service for Yamaha customers, who consequently are the real winners from the knowledge and skills gained by Yamaha Technicians who take part in YTA’s programs.

So if you would like to book in your outboard for a service with the best, be sure to contact the Northside Marine Service Department on (07)32658020.

Why Choose Stacer...

Why Choose Stacer...

1. Boat Range
There really is a Stacer boat to suit everyone! With over 70 models in the range, whether you are after a serious fishing rig, a family fun machine or a budget friendly tinnie, Stacer has you covered.

With 8 ranges including open boats, Prolines, the SF Series, Outlaws, Nomads, Runabouts, Bowriders, Cabins and Stacer’s Plate series; take your time to browse through and find the perfect boat to suit your on water needs. 

With models ranging from 2-7 metres in size there is plenty of variety and even room to option up your boat with extras for a truly personalised experience.

2. Boat Options
While every Stacer is designed ready to go, we understand you may want to complement your boat package with options and add-ons to suit your boating needs and lifestyle. Every boat is complete with a list of optional extras you can pick and choose from to add a personal touch. Stacer’s range of options includes paint and stripes, canopies and Bimini’s, seating, storage options and floor coverings, electronics, and lots more.  Match this with the best in outboard technology - Yamaha Outboard Motors, you have a package that will stand the test of time.

3. Stacer Quality
Spanning over a 10 acre site at the Gold Coast’s Marine Precinct the Stacer Factory currently manufactures up to 20 boats a day and over 2000 boats annually. Each Stacer boat is created from marine grade aluminium from a team of expert welders, carpenters and painters. 

With the use of innovative manufacturing process including plasma cutters and a 750 ton Press each model is crafted with attention to detail to provide customers with a product that will last for generations. Every boat is carefully tracked throughout the construction process and with multiple quality control check points integrated into all development stages we hold our staff accountable to producing craftsmanship to the highest quality.

So if your in the market for a new boat, be sure to check out the Stacer range and have a chat with the friendly team at Northside Marine. Visit Northside Marine at 2294 Sandgate Road, Boondall, QLD, 4034; check out our extensive range of floor stock in our online showroom - simply click here; or give us a call on 07 32658000, we are happy to help.

Northside Marine - The Hub of Stacer Boats in Queensland!

Boat and Marine Servicing

Beat the Christmas Rush book your boat service today! Phone Steve and the team on 07 3265 8020

Avoid Boat Trailer Bearing Failure

The number ONE reason for boat trailer nightmares is Bearing Failure?

Below are 10 handy tips on how to avoid bearing failure.

1.  Get your bearings serviced regularly – at least once per 6 months, and definitely before a major trip. Even if your trailer is not being used, condensation of air occurs in the bearing cavity and can cause rust to commence. Deterioration can happen quickly; and often results in problems occurring at the worst possible time.

2.  Check the grease levels yourself, either by removing the cap or bearing buddy, or looking through the clear lens of the Durahubs. Milky grease is a sign that it has been compromised by water. Repack the bearing with grease if required, but never overfill the cavity or bearing buddy.

3.  Try and avoid submerging your bearings (and trailer) too deep in the water if you can help it. Most trailer designs nowadays supports the launch and retrieval of your boat without deep submerging of the trailer. On a single axle trailer, aim for somewhere between the axle and top of the guards; and with tandems, do not submerge below the front axle line. How deep you go is also governed by how steep or shallow the ramp is.

4.  Ensure your bearings have a cap, cover or bearing buddy. Covers can and do fall off; however they should be replaced immediately. So not submerge the bearings of the trailer in the water, without a bearing cover of sorts. You’re only inviting water in, and major problems down the line. All our trailers are supplied with high quality bearing buddies or covers.

5.  Wait for the bearings to cool off before submerging the trailer in water. After a long trip to the ramp, your bearings & grease will have heated up – but once the bearings are submerged, the cool temperature will cause the grease to contract and ‘suck in’ water into the bearing cavity.

6.  Feel your hubs for excess heat when travelling. They should not feel any hotter than a cup of coffee. If they are ‘overheating’ then if prepared, attend to them yourself, or head to the nearest garage/ workshop for some assistance.

7.  Use the correct grease with your bearings; this should be high temperature marine grease, ideally lithium based, which will not degrade with water.

8.  Carry a spare set of bearings with you; and better still a spare hub with bearings in it – to make any changeover very easy. Also ensure that you have the correct bearings, and that these are well seated in the hub.

9.  Use double lip marine grease seals for better protection against water ingress.

10.  Ensure your trailer is built with the best quality components. Our range of trailers are built in quality controlled environments, with quality components and trailers are backed up by a proven warranty.

Northside Marine recommends using high quality, bearings, and a good quality marine grease. For further information, and to pick up some trailer parts have a chat to the Northside Marine Boating Parts & Accessories Team on 07 3265 8016 or simply pop in-store. Or if you are after a new trailer check out just some of the range available on our website (simply click here to view trailer range) or contact one of our in-house trailer experts on 07 3265 8000.

Northside Marine - The Place to Sell a Used Boat

Looking at selling or consigning your boat???

We are after some new stock to fill the yard, they have been motoring out the yard the past few weeks, so now is the prime time to sell. We buy boats for cash or can consign your pride and joy in our showroom.

For further information on selling a used boat, contact the team at Northside Marine, we are happy to help.

Phone us on 07 3265 8000; email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or simply pop in-store to Northside Marine at 2294 Sandgate Road, Boondall, Brisbane, QLD, 4034.

Northside Marine - The Place to Buy or Sell a Used Boat in Brisbane.

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